Seat straps & handle

Product image 1Jet Ski seat straps
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Product image 4Jet tech seat straps
Product image 5Jet Ski seat strap
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Product image 7Seat straps & handle

Regular price $185.00

Jet Tech seat straps have been designed to assist in securing your seats down in a worse case scenario situation when dong step offs or tow in surfing. This piece of kit is highly recommended if you are partaking in this type of surfing in heavy water. 

The kit includes: 

  • The legendary grab handle on the front strap 
  • 2 inch wide webbing 
  • Heavy duty nylon buckles 
  • Front hatch bungee loops 
  • Stainless steel fittings 

The kit is universal for all skis but may be required to be altered for particular models, such as straps cut shorter. We recommend to have your local dealer fit the kit. 


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