Jet Tech Rescue Sled

Product image 1jet ski rescue sled
Product image 2Jet ski rescue sled in water
Product image 3jet ski rescue sled for tow surfing
Product image 4Lightweight Jet Ski rescue sled
Product image 5jet ski rescue sled towing person
Product image 6rescue sled for jet ski on beach
Product image 7Jet ski rescue sled towing surfer in ocean

Regular price $1,250.00

Heavy duty inflatable Jet Ski rescue tow sled 

  • Kit comes with 2m of double braided rope, X2 2m bungee lengths and X3 carabiners 
  • Dropped stitched PVC material for rigid strength 
  • EVA foam pad for grip 
  • Double wall design
  • 14 grab handles 
  • Extra PVC rub layer on upper section underneath 
  • Comes with hand pump and repair kit 
  • Durable design
  • Compact into 105cm/41inch x 30cm/12inch x 40cm/15 inch box
  • Lightweight 11kg/24lbs 

Dimensions length: 175cm, width 100cm, thickness 10cm

Why choose Jet Tech's inflatable jet ski tow boards some may ask? Our rescue sleds are lightweight which assists in manoeuvrability of the ski, they do not cause damage to the rear transom area and are easily transportable. Jet Tech rescue sleds are your perfect accessory that we all need for those Big Wednesdays. They fit every make and model and have been constructed out of the strongest most durable materials that can be sourced, with multiple sections being reinforced for a rigid structure along with drop stitched technology, and backed by a 12 month warranty. Tested in harsh Australian conditions for ultimate durability. 

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