Speargun Rack for Jet Skis

Product image 1Speargun Rack for Jet Skis
Product image 2Speargun Rack for Jet Skis
Product image 3speargun rack with equipment loaded
Product image 4speargun rack compact
Product image 5Speargun Rack for Jet Skis
Product image 6speargun rack with cord compartment
Product image 7Speargun rack loaded with equipment
Product image 8speargun rack
Product image 9speargun rack with equipment loaded
Product image 10speargun rack with equipment loaded
Product image 11Speargun Rack for Jet Skis

Regular price $440.00

Sold out till mid January 

Our jet ski Speargun Racks fit every make & model jet ski

    • Designed to safely carry your spearfishing equipment in one easy and secure rack system. 
  • Carries 2 x Spearguns, fins, rope floatline
  • This rack system will hold strong even on those big Wednesdays. 
  • 3 Year warranty
  • No modifications required to your Jet Ski
  • Simply clamps on securely in seconds 
  • Universal fit for all makes and model Jet Ski’s

Here is a  Spear Rack fitment demonstration

We have also put together this comprehensive guide on how to fit the speargun rack system to your jet ski.

If you're going out for spearfishing, don't forget to bring your Fishcool jet ski fishing esky along!


How Our Speargun Racking System Was Engineered

Born out of necessity, Jet Tech's innovative jet Ski speargun rack was developed using our existing clamp technology.

By utilising our original patented gunwale clamp then adding on a durable CNC routed HDPE plastic rack, the Personal Watercraft spearfishing holder was born.

This unique Jet Ski speargun holder is designed to safely and easily carry spearfishing equipment using our simple personal watercraft clamping and racking system.


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