About us

 JET TECH was born out of necessity to carry and protect our boards as we rode our ski up the coast in search of an empty barrel. 

Here at Jet Tech we live and breath our passion for the ocean. Some may say we are mad, but we thrive in this environment using our gear weekly for our own fixture of thrills and pleasure on the water. Our patented designs reflect direct experience out in the elements where customers, athletes and us all share the same devotion. 

Product designs are thoroughly split tested, quality materials are sourced, and solutions are forged. With this we proudly present to you some of the most innovative quality products available on the market. 

It all started after developing a personal board rack system, we were approached by numerous fellow surfers that were looking for a reliable solution for the same need. Making good use of our background in product engineering, we put pencil to paper and started sketching ideas, sourcing quality materials, building and testing prototypes...That translated to manufacturing the world's one and only available Jet Ski board rack system, for all makes and model Jet Skis.
From our humble beginnings, we now also stock other high quality jet ski accessories including the popular jet ski rescue sled, fishing esky and the Safe Guard inshore or offshore jet ski anchor.