Jet Ski fishing is getting popular these days but are they good vessels to do it? In our opinion, they’re great ONLY IF you have the right jet ski fishing setup. You’ve got to choose the right jet ski fishing accessories to be sure your equipment will be safe and handy. 

JET TECH offers a range of jet ski attachments for fishing and spearfishing as well as storage and anchoring products - the best part is our jet ski fishing accessories don’t require any modifications to your ski. 

You may want some fishing rods set up on the back of your jet ski while on the move. The JET TECH Rod Holder is the perfect removable solution to carry one or two fishing rods on your jet ski. A single rod holder simply clamps onto any make and model jet ski grab handle.

If you’re into spearfishing, you might be looking for the best way to carry spear fishing guns on your jet ski. Spearfishing guns can be very expensive, so you want to make sure they’re safe and secure while your jet ski is on the move, especially on bigger days. The JET TECH Speargun Rack for jet skis allows you to safely carry your spearfishing equipment in one easy-access rack system. The all-in-one jet ski spearfishing rack can carry two guns, your safety dive line and free diving gear making for the perfect spearfishing setup. 

If you’re planning a spot of offshore fishing from your jet ski, it’s essential to use a reliable anchor and to make sure you know exactly how to anchor a jet ski while fishing. A jet ski fishing cooler it’s another great addition to your jet ski fishing setup which allows you to keep your catch fresh until you get home.