How strong are the racks?

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The clamps are made of 5mm thick stainless steel and consist of 3 dowels, six bolts and two 20mm stainless steel shank guides, making it a very strong product.  Has been tested by engineers - a single clamp could hold up to 80kg’s.

How well do the racks handle in rough water?

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Our jet ski board racks have been tested going through seaways including 3 metre swell surf conditions where water has been breaking over the ski and getting up to 1.5 meters of air over waves countless of times on different model skis with no problems. Please note we do not recommend going through these conditions and if done so, its at your own risk. 

How do the racks handle in strong wind ?

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Been tested in stormy conditions,  including 70km winds going approximately 80km per hour into the wind and didn’t experience a problem with the racks or jet ski performance. 

Will the board racks tilt my ski?

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Not on late model ski's. With two boards on a small older model ski, it can tilt whilst not moving. How ever like a bicycle as soon as you start moving you will straighten out. 

Is it difficult to install the board racks to my ski?

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It is a very simple procedure to clamp the board rack on to your ski with only two plates to adjust to suit your model when first purchased, after that each clamp takes 30 – 60 seconds to install or remove. Watch our instruction demo videos for the easiest technique.

Do I have to modify my jet ski?

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No the whole purpose of this product was to achieve a design where we did not have to modify our jet skis in any way and can easily swap between models.

Will the board rack clamps damage my jet ski?

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If they are attached correctly, you will not damage or scratch your Ski. The contact points are vulcanized EPDM rubber. 

Can the board racks come loose and fall off?

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They can come loose or fall off if installed incorrectly. It is very important to follow the instructions and watch the installation tutorials as each ski is different.  Some models may require further tightening during use, till they find their true position. This will depend on speed, weather conditions, board weight and the driver to whether you will have to nip it up a couple of extra turns. Always keep an eye on the racks.

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