If you have been looking for safe and durable surfing accessories for your jet ski but nothing seems good enough or worth the money, let us tell you: we were on the same page a few years ago. Jet Tech was born out of necessity. When your precious surfboards are at stake, or when the waves are solid, you want to make sure you don’t compromise on safety with your jet ski gear. 

After years of research, product development and testing, Jet Tech has crafted a range of quality jet ski surfing accessories that delivers quality, performance and safety to the highest standards.

Our famous Jet Tech  Universal Board Rack System can be attached to any model jet ski, thanks to their unique clamping system. This modern looking rack mounts onto your jetski within seconds, without the need of putting holes on your jet ski hull, and holds two boards comfortably. This jet ski rack system will securely hold any sports board you want to take on your jetski, being a very popular jet ski wakeboard holder

Our rescue sleds are used by surf clubs all over the world, as well as surfers to be recovered when the swell is big. The quality handles and grip make this sled safe and reliable when there is little margin for error. 

The jet ski seat handles and straps and the eva foam make it easy for surfers to step off onto big waves, providing a firm grip both on their hands and under their feet. Our jet ski seat straps are also a great safety addition to your jet ski, since they will help you flip your jet ski if it capsizes.

Jet Tech makes compatible surfing jet ski accessories for Sea Doo, Kawasaki, Honda Aquatrax, Yamaha Jet skis and more! All our products come with fitting guides and videos, to make the installation of your surfing jet ski accessories as easy as possible. We also strive for excellent customer service, so make sure to reach out if you need a hand!