black jet ski inflatable surf rescue sled
red jet ski inflatable surf rescue sled
grey jet ski inflatable surf rescue sled
man throwing rope standing on rescue sled
people on jetski with rescue sled and wave in background
rescue sled with foil board strapped on top of it
surf rescue inflatable sled on jetski
Surf rescue Inflatable Sled
Jet ski rescue Sled
water patrol jet ski with inflatable rescue sled
Jet Tech Rescue Sled - 2022 Collection
inflatable surf rescue sled with esky and swag on top
jet ski on beach with with man holding surf board
jet ski in water with man climbing onto inflatable rescue sled
Jet Tech Rescue Sled - 2022 Collection
mounting plate for rescue surf sled

Jet Tech Rescue Sled - 2022 Collection

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JET TECH RESCUE SLED - Trusted by athletes and customers worldwide.

Get the best sled in tow. Our industry-leading commercial rescue sled comes fully equipped with all the gear you need to get there fast! The universal kit gets it attached to any make and model ski out there, and being inflatable, it packs up compact making it easy to transport around. Our jet ski sleds are super-lightweight to not affect your ski’s performance yet mega-tough due to un-compromised construction in both design and materials. We know the JET TECH Rescue Sled is the highest quality product on the market and its ever ready to pick you up after the wave of a lifetime or transport extra gear on that epic ocean expedition.


  • New shark deterrent option available, opposing contrast stripes has been scientifically proven to deter sharks. 
  • Kit includes –2m double-braided rope / 2 X 2m bungee lengths / 3 X carabiners / hand pump / repair kit.
  • Durable rigid design –dropped stitched PVC / extra PVC rub layer upfront underneath / double-layered sidewalls. 
  • EVA foam pad for grip.
  • 14 X grab handles.
  • Dimensions –Length 185cm/73in X Width 110cm/43in X Thickness 10cm/4in.
  • Compact pack up size – 105cm/41in X 30cm/12in X 40cm/15in.
  • Lightweight – 12kg/26lbs. 

Dimensions length: height 185cm, width 110cm, thickness 10cm.

Any questions... just reach out. 



Lightweight – Being inflatable makes it weigh less than half that of a solid rescue sled. Being super lightweight also won't compromise the performance of the Jet Ski or Personal Water Craft (PWC).

Durable –  Less wear & tear where the sled connects to the Jet Ski. Increased flexibility of an inflatable minimises the chance of damage to surfboards or other equipment being transported on the sled.

Adaptable – Can be folded up to go straight in the car or taken as luggage to your next surf trip.

It only takes 3-6 minutes to pump up by hand, making it perfect for use on super yachts with minimal storage.

Jet skis and personal watercraft (PWC's) used on a regular basis have a high exposure to UV wear, tear and damage.

For this reason, Jet Tech's Jet Ski Tow Boards come coloured in a light grey deck and darker grey rail color combination.

The light grey colour combination absorbs less heat which helps to slow down UV damage from the sun. 

Jet Tech rescue sleds are your perfect accessory that we all need for those Big Wednesdays.

They fit every make and model and have been constructed out of the strongest most durable materials that can be sourced, with multiple sections being reinforced for a rigid structure along with drop stitched technology, and backed by a 12-month warranty.

Our rescue sleds are lightweight which assists in manoeuvrability of the ski, they do not cause damage to the rear transom area and are easily transportable.

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