Do you need an anchor for a Jet Ski? While it really depends on what you use your Jet Ski for, we think that it’s imperative to have an anchor stored in your Jet Ski and to always use it where possible - it’s a seriously underrated piece of safety equipment, like what if you break down and start drifting?    
You may have seen many different types of anchors on the market: sand anchors, screw anchors, umbrella anchors, fluke anchors, and the list goes on. So, what’s the best type of anchor for a Jet Tech? It depends on the conditions you’re using it in. For example, anchoring your jet ski on the beach and anchoring your jet ski offshore while fishing or surfing requires different setups - anchor weight, chain weight and length and rope length all need to be factors considered. 
Jet Tech has developed three anchor models: an inshore anchor and two offshore anchors. The Jet Tech Inshore Anchor Kit is the best option if you’re simply looking to ride the hull up onto the sand or anchoring in depths of up to 2.5m as it suited to lighter conditions. 
If you want to anchor your Jet Ski in deep offshore water with large swells running when surfing or fishing, you would use the Jet Tech Offshore Anchor Kit. This type of fluke anchor is perfectly designed for jet skis and holds strong on both sand and muddy oceans floors. 
If you have any questions about which anchor is best suited to your Jet Tech, just reach out and we’ll get back in touch pronto.