AKA, PINNY the founder

Born on the water in the Land of the Long White Cloud,New Zealand, Mikey is our fearless founder, innovation genius, design director and chief product tester (tough life!). He’s been in the marine scene his whole life; growing up on boats, water skiing on icy lakes, racing in sailing regattas – and later – surfing and wakeboarding as full-time obsessions. Working as a marine sales manager for years solidifies a background that would eventually flow into his own marine business.His qualifications as an automotive technician on high-performance turbo vehicles also serves him well from form and function aspects when designing and developing JET TECH products. He’s passionate about living the jet ski life and sharing it with fellow jet heads who are keen to push their PWCs to the limit. All hail Pinny, our JET TECH Professor!


We knew we could get far more out of our skis with right accessories. But they didn’t exist. So, we made them. Given our years of experience surfing, fishing, wakeboarding, driving jet boats and basically being frothing slaves to the saltwater life, we set about creating a new wave in accessories innovation for the next PWC generation. Rigorous research and development under uncompromising ocean conditions means we’ve developed a range of premium products that will get you there and back, no problem. For us, it was all about pushing the fun factor knowing that dependability and safety had our back given any random situation thrown at us – mother nature or machine. We stand behind our JET TECH range knowing that if we can make the most of it, then you can too. We’re stoked you’re here exploring our world on water and hope you find exactly what you need for your jet-powered steed.