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Jet Ski Board Racks System

How well do the board racks hold in rough water ?

Our jet ski board racks have been field tested in seaways of 3-metre surf swell with heavy water breaking over the ski, and at times, getting 1.5-metres of air– no problems occurred on all different make and model skis. Please note: we do not recommend going through these ocean conditions, and if done so, it is at your own risk. 

How strong are the jet ski surf racks ?

The board rack clamps are made of 5mm thick stainless steel and consist of three dowels, six bolts and two 20mm stainless steel shank guides, making it a supremely strong marine product.
Engineer tested; a single clamp can hold up to 80kgs.

Do i have to modify my jet ski to fit the jet ski rack system?

No. The ingenuity of JET TECH Universal Board Racks is they’re designed to fit any make and model jet ski without modification – this also means they’re easily transferable between craft.

Will the jet ski board racks damage my jet ski ?

If they are attached correctly, your board rack system will not damage or scratch your jet ski. The contact points are vulcanised EPDM rubber.

How do the jet ski board racks hold up in strong wind ?

The Jet Tech Board Rack System has been tested in stormy conditions, including 70km winds going approximately 80km per hour into the wind and didn’t experience a problem with the racks or jet ski performance.

Jet Ski Rescue Sleds

How heavy is the Jet Tech Rescue Sled?

The total weigh of our inflatable jet ski sled is 9kg once it is inflated, light and easy to use and handle. You barely notice them on the back of your jet ski. That's the beauty of our heavy duty inflatable jet ski rescue sleds.

Do inflatable rescue sleds pop easily?

If your Jet Tech Rescue Sled pops it will be the first we have seen in the 4 years of manufacturing jet ski sleds. The Jet Tech inflatable Rescue Sleds have a dual layer around the edges, foam on covering 75% of the top of the board and 4mm thick commercial PVC.

Is it hard to attach an inflatable rescue board to your jet ski?

With a bit of arms power it is very simply to attach a jet ski rescue sled to your ski, and no modifications are required. With our Jet Ski cargo sled we use the original eyelets under the rear transom and the tow hook above.

What else can rescue boards be used for ?

Rescue sleds are are used for a variety of activities on the water these days. Some people now even refer to them as jet ski trailers. With our inflatable sleds we have tie down points so you can carry bits and bobs such as, foil boards, tents, dive gear, joy rides for kids and whatever else you may think off.

Safeguard Anchors

Are they galvanised steel ?

Yes our anchors are galvanised steel underneath the rubber coating.

Does the vinyl wear out ?

Over time wear and tear on the protective vinyl coat will wear down and can have little splits from rocks and ect, though your anchor will always be protected and it takes years for all the vinyl to wear away.

Do they anchors hold well in rough conditions ?

This all comes down to size of vessel, depth of water, currents and wind speed but yes our anchors are based of the 1940s Danforth design how ever we put anchoring into 3 categories:

1. Day anchoring will not require as much chain and rope as for what you would rely on whilst away or asleep on a vessel.

2. Night anchoring you want to make sure you have a sufficient amount of chain which could be double your vessel and rope 5 times the depth you are, many reasons why, some are being current strengths can change during change of tide, winds can increase during the night, swell can also increase at place.

3. Storm anchoring which many of you may not do but if your doing this you probably already know what you are doing. Increase chain length but a shit tonne and same goes with your rope.

Jet Ski Boating Hats

Do the jet ski hats come off ?

With your cheeky little chin strap on your hat ain't going no where. Tested in high surf conditions doing surf rescue punching through 6ft water thats passing by your face this hat is going to stay on. You may catch the beak and lift back but you wont loose it.

Do the jet ski hats float ?

Yes our hats float thanks to the micro polyester material that does not absorb water in a short period of time.

Jet Ski Seat Straps

Do they seat straps fit all makes and models ?

Yes we have measured all skis from 200o onwards and have come up with the average mean of lengths, then also adding in tri glides on one side of each strap to allow for adjustments. All hardware is included in the kit for all makes and models.

What are pwc seat straps used for ?

To secure your seats down in worse case scenario. If you roll or flip you ski form tow surfing or wave jumping you run the risk of creating air pressure at the rear of your ski which happens often will un click your seat. If your seats come off you can pretty much say good bye to your ski.

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