Gold Coast Boat Ramp Guide

Gold Coast Boat Ramp Guide

Connor Ryder |

Jacobs Well boat ramp

The boat ramp at Jacobs Well provides easy access for boats and jet skis to access the islands in and around the Jumpinpin area, which is renowned for its excellent boating and fishing conditions. It is an exceptionally large boat ramp, recently undergoing a major refurbishment. There are 4 huge lanes, a bait shop, camping ground frontage, loads of parking and a sandy beach to pull up at once you’ve launched. Due to this it can get extremely busy during peak periods, however the pros massively outweigh the cons (especially if you live in the area) and it is definitely a ramp you should go to!

Rating: 9/10


Cabbage Tree Point boat ramp

If you are looking at accessing the southern most islands around Moreton Bay, this boat ramp is your pick of the bunch. It boasts plenty of manoeuvring room which suits the newbies, street parking and dedicated trailer parking for 30. 3 lane ramp and it gets incredibly busy. This ramp is just north of the Jacobs Well boat ramp. 

Rating: 7/10 


Coleman Road, Coomera 

One of two ramps in Coomera, this one really doesn’t have much going for it unfortunately. Parking for only 15, and a steep drive down into a single turning bay which makes life tricky for experienced boaties and jet skiers, let alone newbies. Single lane, only one vehicle can launch and retrieve at any time. Wouldn’t recommend! 

Rating: 4/10


Tallawood road, Coomera

The second ramp in Coomera. This one can also be quite tricky, it has a single lane and limited space to turn around. Although, it is in an excellent location opposite the beautiful and buzzing Sanctuary Cove precinct. It is also a short drive to boat yards GCCM and The Boat Works, among them plenty of waterski zones and access to the Broadwater. To sum up, great location - tricky to navigate. 

Rating: 6/10


Santa Barbara, Pinaroo Lane

What a ramp, right on the waterski area of Santa Barbara. It is wide, has plenty of space to turn trailers around, stop and prepare, and has a large grassed park area with a playground for kids and BBQ’s. Great and easy parking too. All with a sandy beach along the foreshore (at lower tides). Beware, due to it being inundated with wakeboard boats, we recommend to anchor your Jetski or boat out from the beach a little. The waves and wash can get pretty intense with so much waterski action going past non stop. 

Rating: 8/10


Oxenford, Watersports Lane

On the Mecca of the Gold Coasts main water sports stretch. It is located right off the highway in Oxenford, with plenty of parking and turning/prep space. This ramp would only suit people who want to waterski or fish in the shallower parts of the Coomera/Oxenford river. As it is located quite a distance away from the Broadwater, with a lot of 6knot zones scattered within it. There is no jetty, and a very pebbly beach which makes launching and retrieving really difficult. 

Rating: 5/10


Boyambil Esplanade, Hope Island

This ramp has a lot of benefits. A sandy beach for easy launch and retrieval, a park with BBQ and toilet amenities, and very close and easy access to the Gold Coast Broadwater and surrounds. Not the best parking, but it’s doable. Beware, the tidal flow and currents, along with the wind makes the approach to the trailer quite difficult, as the water usually moves extremely quickly through here. There are also incredibly sharp rocks on the other side of the ramp, so make sure you don’t stuff it up!

Rating: 6/10


Paradise Point boat ramp

Super easy ramp for launch and retrieval due to its floating jetty and clear sandy beach. The ramp is incredibly subtle, which only really suits jet skis and small boats or your car will be half underwater! Great location right on the Broadwater and a small cafe and chandlery shop as well. 

Rating: 8/10 


Lands End boat ramp

Small single lane and located right on a busy roundabout in Biggera Waters makes this ramp suitable for small boats and jet skis only. It is right on the Broadwater and is good if you want to explore the canals. You really have to know how to reverse here, as the ramp is incredibly skinny and is it quite hard to judge before you go off the edge! The main road traffic can be quite intimidating as well. 

Rating: 5/10


The Spit, North and South, Mainbeach

A lot of pros and not a lot of cons to these boat ramps! They are located within 50m of each other and parking is never ending. There are white sandy beaches for launching and retrieval and a jetty too for easy pick ups of other people. The location is excellent, close to the hustle and bustle of Surfers and right on the Broadwater, close to all of the popular spots such as Wavebreak. Keep in mind some commercial tour operators use the ramp and jetty.

Rating: 9/10


Isle of Capri boat ramp

Nothing going for this ramp except for the lovely view of the city! Barely any parking, single lane, no space to turn around so you have to reverse a long way. The tidal flow through here can be really strong which makes launching and retrieval really tricky. Suitable only for experienced jet skiers and boaties, however still nothing much going for it unless maybe you live in the area. 

Rating: 2/10


Budds Beach boat ramp

Again, a very subtle ramp always covered by sand makes this ramp only suitable for jet skis, small boats and canoes/kayaks. Cars can struggle to find traction due to the sand covered ramp. It does have a really nice sandy beach and park area in a great location. Not a lot of parking but great for beginners as it is quite quiet. 

Rating: 5/10


Broadwater Parklands, Southport

What a ramp! 2 lanes that are double width and floating jetties along all sides. Including a stand alone wharf for loading and unloading of passengers and gear! Perfect location on the Broadwater and a ridiculous amount of parking. This is the go to! 

Rating: 10/10


Labrador boat ramp, Harley Park

Quite possibly one of the busiest boat ramps on the Gold Coast, especially on weekends. There is an abundance of cafes and restaurants around which is obviously a great positive, however due to this the parking becomes just about impossible on weekends at any time of the day. 

The ramp is known to be slippery, and there is plenty of current and tidal flow as this ramp has no protection from the wind whatsoever. Great location, but tricky. 

Rating: 3/10


Howard St boat ramp

Skinny, sandy and not protected whatsoever makes this ramp suitable only for jet skis and small boats being towed by a 4WD. The sand tends to blow onto the ramp and there is no way of avoiding it. Lovely spot to go for a walk, but not to launch your Jetski!

Rating: 2/10


Jasmine and Holly ave boat ramps

These two ramps are within walking distance of each other being around 100m or so away. They are located on a quiet street with very little traffic which makes them great for beginners. Both ramps are very well maintained, with no debris or sand getting in the way of the down ramp. Both have sandy beaches for easy unloading and retrieval, however there isn’t much parking which isn’t a huge issue as neither ramps get overly busy. They aren’t protected, and both are surrounded by shoals and rocks which can be detrimental at mid-low tides (speaking from experience). 

Rating: 6/10


Jabiru Island, Paradise Point

A good option if you wanted something protected and a little different to the odd Broadwater mission. This ramp backs onto the Coombabah creek and the foreshore is incredibly swampy, with no sandy beaches insight. However this isn’t a major issue as the water is usually very still making it easy to launch and retrieve. Parking for 23 and close to other boat ramps if you change your mind! Just something a little different. 

Rating: 6/10


Carrara Road boat ramp

This one is tricky. It gives users easy access to the Nerang river which is very popular, and cruises through this part of the river into Surfers can be quite beautiful. However, there is barely any dedicated parking bays as parking is limited to what is in front of the ramp. This makes it near on impossible sometimes to swing a trailer around unless you know what you’re doing! There is no sandy beach and taking its place is lots of little rocks. 

Rating: 3/10


TE Peters Drive, Broadbeach

We love this ramp. It is right in the middle of the hustle and bustle of Surfers and surrounds. It has decent parking, a good prep area and the ramp is wide with a nice sandy beach nearby. There is a nice park area, and the water is always protected here. Towing a big boat here can be tricky as the roads around the area do become quite congested. However for anything else it is perfect!

Rating: 8/10


Tallebudgera Creek boat ramp

Tallebudgera Creek is a lovely spot on the Gold Coast and super popular with locals and tourists to spend the day at. The ramp here is ok, with a pontoon and sandy beach. However, we recommend experienced drivers only as reversing is off the main road. If you have a habit of messing up a few times, the line up of cars trying to get through can become super daunting! Plus, jet skis are banned from this waterway anyway. So tinnies and small runabouts are the only option. 

Rating: 6/10