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One of the biggest perks of owning a jet ski or boat on the Gold Coast, is having access to an abundance of water access only cafes, restaurants and pubs. It is a great novelty, and can be a lot of fun to really make the most of your day. Below is a list of some of the best places you can ride your jet ski up to whenever you like for food and drinks. There are a few things to keep in mind though, some venues are a lot fancier than others, and not all will let you in with sandy wet feet! Most licensed venues will also require ID. You also want to keep an eye on the tides. Trust us, the last thing you want to do is get carried away in a restaurant and pub and forget that the tide has dropped! You might get stuck for a while…

Tipplers Licensed Cafe

Probably the most popular out of all the options available. It is located towards the northern end of South Stradbroke island. Can get extremely busy on weekends however it has a great vibe and atmosphere.
  • Very popular
  • Plenty of space to park boats and jet skis
  • Camping and accomodation available for overnight stays
  • Usually very protected.

Couran Cove

Unfortunately, Couran Cove has closed. In its time it was a very nice place to pull up in as it was always protected no matter the conditions! No one currently knows whether it will open up again. Time will tell.

Coomera Waters Tavern

The Coomera Waters Tavern is hidden away a little in one of the canals within the Coomera river. It is the first canal if you travel East opposite Sanctuary Cove. There are beautiful views overlooking the water Plenty of seating and rarely gets overly busy 3 free berths to pull your Jetski up to Great food and drinks menu

Harrigan’s Calypso Bay

An Irish themed pub at the Northern end of the Broadwater towards the Jacobs Well and Calypso Bay Area. A little out of the way unless you’re local to the area but a great option none the less. Free marina berths directly outside pub Licensed bar Great atmosphere

Paradise Point Beach

Paradise Point beach really has a lot going for it. It isn’t exactly ‘waterfront’, as the restaurant, cafes and bars are about 100m walk away from the beach frontage. However, it is always protected within these waterways and a lovely spot to pull your Jetski up at the beach and walk up to the Paradise Point strip. No marina berths (there is a jetty for pick ups and drop offs) Long stretch of white sandy beach to pull up on 6 knot area means no wash and being protected it is generally very calm Huge selection of cafes and bars once you walk up to the strip Sanctuary Cove Marina 
Probably one of the most well known marinas in Australia. Sanctuary cove is a very large and well maintained area. It has a plethora of restaurants and bars to choose from, a lot of which are on the waterfront with great views over the marina. Free marina parking during daylight hours So many options to choose from with the thought of knowing your Jetski is safe in the marina and not lying on a beach 24 hour amenities such as fuel and security Located within a 6 knot zone

Edgewater Dining and lounge

Probably the fanciest of the bunch by a fair margin! This is an excellent restaurant and bar located in Isle of Capri, right around the corner from the Isle of Capri boat ramp. There are multiple jetties to pull up to, and the outlook of the high-rises in Surfers Paradise over the water is amazing.

Charis Seafood

Located right opposite Wavebreak Island, next to the busy Labrador boat ramp. This option is your old fashioned typical seafood takeaway shop. It has plenty of sandy beach to pull your Jetski on to, and lots of amenities nearby including a park, bottle shop and plenty more options along the stretch of road. It can get quite busy here, but it always has great atmosphere and it is a great takeaway option to grab and go to take with you back to Wavebreak.