Optimal Inflation Pressure for Your Jet Ski Rescue Sled: A Guide by Jet Tech

Optimal Inflation Pressure for Your Jet Ski Rescue Sled: A Guide by Jet Tech

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At Jet Tech, we are passionate about providing top-notch accessories for Jet Ski enthusiasts, ensuring they have the best tools to enhance their watercraft experiences. One essential accessory in our lineup is the inflatable Jet Tech Rescue Sled, designed to assist in water rescues effectively. Today, we'll delve into an important aspect of using a rescue sled: the correct inflation pressure. Let's explore why inflating your Jet Ski rescue sled to approximately 12-14psi (0.8 Bar) is crucial for optimal performance.

Why Correct Inflation Pressure Matters:

The right inflation pressure is vital for ensuring that your Jet Tech Rescue Sled functions as intended during rescue operations. Inflating the Jet Ski sled to the recommended pressure range provides numerous benefits, including:

  1. Stability and Durability: Inflating your rescue sled to the correct pressure range ensures it maintains a sturdy and stable structure. This stability allows the inflatable sled to withstand the weight of a victim in the water without compromising its integrity. Moreover, proper inflation contributes to the durability of the sled, ensuring it can handle the rigors of rescue operations.
  2. Effective Water Rescues: When your Jet Ski rescue sled is inflated to the optimal pressure, it creates a solid foundation for safe and efficient water surf rescues. The sled remains buoyant and maneuverable, allowing lifeguards, first responders, and rescue teams to navigate challenging water conditions while maintaining control over the sled.
  3. Enhanced Safety: Correctly inflated water craft rescue sleds minimize the risk of accidents during rescue operations. Overinflated Jet Ski rescue sleds can become rigid, making them more prone to punctures or injuries to the victim. Conversely, underinflated rescue sleds may lack stability, hindering smooth movement through the water. By adhering to the recommended pressure range, you ensure the safety of both the rescuer and the victim.

How to Achieve the Correct Inflation Pressure:

Inflating your Jet Tech Jet Ski Rescue Sled to the optimal pressure range is a straight forward process. Here's a step-by-step guide:

  1. Preparation: Ensure you have the necessary tools ready, including the supplied compatible pump with pressure gauge. Check that the rescue sled is clean and free from any debris or damage.
  2. Locate the Valve: Identify the inflation valve on your Jet Ski rescue sled. It is located in a convenient and easily accessible spot in the top right for inflation and deflation.
  3. Pumping Process: Connect your pump to the inflation valve securely. Begin pumping air into the sled gradually while monitoring the pressure with a gauge. Continue until the gauge indicates a pressure within the recommended range of 12-14psi (0.8 Bar).
  4. Check for Firmness: Once the desired pressure is reached, detach the pump and quickly close the inflation valve. Give the sled a gentle press to ensure it feels firm to the touch but still retains some flexibility.
  5. Safety Check: Before heading out on the water, perform a final inspection of the sled to ensure it is properly attached to your jet ski and all connections are secure.

At Jet Tech, we understand the importance of correct inflation pressure for your Jet Ski rescue sled. Inflating your watercraft sled to approximately 12-14psi (0.8 Bar) ensures stability, durability, and optimal performance during water rescue operations. By following our recommended pressure range and the step-by-step inflation guide, you can confidently rely on your Jet Tech Rescue Sled to aid in safe and efficient surf water rescues. Shop our Jet Tech Sleds now on

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